Sunday, August 10, 2014

2000 Ford Explorer Power Windows and Dome Lights Wiring Schematics

wiring manuals If you have 2000 Ford Explorer vehicle and want to check out your power windows and dome lights performance, this details explanation will lead you to repair and easy service your own 2000 Ford's power windows and dome lights. The picture below shows the location of the relay module.

How the system works is on the battery saver relay if you pull the relay and look at the bottom of it the pins will be numbered. Power from fuse 26 (10amp) under dash fuse panel, feeds pins 1(coil side) and pin 5 switch side of the relay. When ground is applied to pin 2 of the coil side of the relay this creates a magnetic filed which pulls the switch side of the relay closed so power on pin 5 can now flow to pin 3,this feeds the courtest lights and the accessory delay relay(which feeds the power windows).Since you do not have power windows or interior lights your problem will be at the battery saver relay.

Take a volt meter or test light and make sure you have power across fuse 26.If this is ok then pull the battery saver relay and make sure you have power on pins 1 and 5. If you do then hook your test light or voltmeter to a power source and then hook it to pin 2 and see if you have power reading to confirm you have a ground from the GEM module to the relay(ignition switch will have to be on when you do this).

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