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Honda Door Panel 96 ‐ 00 Civic Removal & Installation

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Honda Door Panel 96‐00 Civic REMOVAL & INSTALLATION
Remove the screw from behind the interior door handle. Slide out the door handle trim as shown. Removing the door panel from the passenger side door. View of the inside of the door, panel removed

1.Remove the screw from the door handle trim.
2.Slide the handle assembly forward and out to access the lock rod clip.
3.Release the clip
4.Disconnect the door lock switch
5.Remove the door opener handle assembly.
6.Carefully pry at the small opening on the bottom of the speaker grill.
7.Remove the speaker grille.
8.Remove the speaker mounting screws.
9.Detach the electrical connector and remove the speaker.
10.Remove the screws in the armrest.
11.Remove the center from the trim clip at the upper front of the door panel and remove the clip.
12.Using a suitable trim panel removal tool,unsnap the door panel from the door frame.
13.Carefully lift the door panel up and away from the door frame.

Honda Civic/Del Sol 1996-2000
Electric Window Motor REMOVAL & INSTALLATION
1. Remove the regulator from the door assembly.
2. Except for the rear doors, drill a hole through the regulator sector gear and backplate.
Install the bolt and nut to lock the sector gear in position. Be careful not to drill a hole closer than 7/16in. (11mm) from the edge of the sector. Also, do not drill through the lift arm attaching portion of the sector gear, or the joint integrity will be jeopardized.
3.Drill out the ends of the motor attaching rivets using a
1/4 in. (6mm) bit.
4.Remove the motor and the remaining portions of the rivets from the regulator. Except for the rear doors, one rivet will not be accessible until assembly.

Honda Door Panel 96 ‐ 00 Civic Removal & Installation

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