Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Classic Honda C110-C110D Wiring Diagram

wiring manuals This classic collection of Honda C110-C110D wiring diagram will help you a lot in rebuilding, restoring and pimp your old motorbike into a new ones with its second life after long time won't starts.. The classic honda wiring diagram here describes about C110 speedometer lamp, winker pilot lamp 3w, combination switch, rear wingker lamp 8w, neutral indicator lamp 3w, head lamp 15w, L Front winker lamp 8w, C110D winker switch knob right, horn, flywheel generator, neutral switch, spark plug, selenium rectifier, battery 6V 2Ah, tail lamp, stop lamp...

Classic Honda C110-C110D Wiring DiagramDirect Download speed 3427 Kb/s

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