Sunday, June 1, 2014

1992 BMW 325i Automatic AC Heater Systems

wiring manuals This one pages of 1992 BMW 325i Automatic A/C Heater Systems PDF files format form will lead you on how to remove and install your 1992 to 1993 BMW Automatic A/C blower motor Heater Systems, check out the content for more details below :

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Pull rubber sealing strip from firewall. Remove screws attaching
wiring harness to heater cover, and pull wiring aside.
2. Remove heater cover bolts, and remove heater cover. Disconnect wiring connectors from blower. Disengage clamp, and carefully lift out blower motor and fan without damaging flap.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure all seals are installed correctly.
NOTE: If blower motor replacement is necessary, replace blower motor, shafts and wheels as an assembly. Do not remove or turn shafts from motor or wheels. 1992 BMW 325i 1992-93 AUTOMATIC A/C HEATER SYSTEMS' '318i, 318is, 325i, 325is

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