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BMW K1200LT Fuses Box Diagram Replacement Guide

wiring manuals The overheat of the wiring and cutting off process of the electricity if there are too much current passing through the wire to your BMW K1200LT Luxury Tour could be done by your BMW fuses box with its electrical system. Below you will find a detailed picture about schematic diagram of your BMW K1200LT Fuse Box and its exact Locations. Its was provided for your 1999 BMW K1200LT model years.

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BMW K1200LT Fuses Box Diagram Replacement Guide

BMW K1200LT Fuses Diagram

The following table list the location, description and amperage rating of each fuse of BMW K1200LT (1999 model years).
1 Brake-light switch, fuel warning light, fan relay, instrument cluster, switch for adjustable windscreen - Amp. Rating : 4 A
2 Parking lights, front and rear - Amp. Rating : 4 A
3 Horn, brake light, anti-theft alarm, if fitted - Amp. Rating : 15 A
4 Motronic, fuel pump, diagnosis - Amp. Rating : 15 A
5 Instrument cluster, on-board computer - Amp. Rating : 4 A
6 Heated handlebar grips - Amp. Rating : 4 A
7 Adjustable windscreen, power sockets 1 and 2 - Amp. Rating : 15 A
8 Radio, map-reading light, interior light for top case, power socket for top case - Amp. Rating : 15 A
9 Fan, right - Amp. Rating : 4 A
10 Fan, left - Amp. Rating : A
11 Seat heating front/rear - Amp. Rating : 15 A
12 Cruise control system - Amp. Rating : 15 A

How to replace the 1999 BMW K1200LT Fuses

– Lift the seat at the front.
• Open the cover of the fuse box.
• Replace the defective fuse

Download :
BMW K1200LT Fuses Box Diagram Replacement Guide

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