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Vacuum Diagram 2003 Ford Explorer

wiring manuals Below you will find a vacuum diagram for your 2003 Ford Explorer vehicle which will gives you detailed information about : ford explorer vacuum control motor - panel door, Vacuum control motor - defrost door, Vacuum control motor - air inlet door and lots more. System Airflow Description - Manual Climate Control MAX A/C
When MAX A/C is selected:
  • The air inlet door vacuum control motor is at full vacuum, closing off outside air and admitting only recirculated air.
  • The panel door vacuum control motor is at full vacuum and the defrost door and floor door vacuum control motors are at no vacuum, directing airflow to the instrument panel A/C registers. A small amount of airflow from the floor duct, defroster duct and side window demisters will be present.
  • The heater control valve is at full vacuum when the temperature selection is in the full COOL position, preventing the flow of hot coolant to the heater core. Otherwise, blended air temperature is available.

ItemPart NumberDescription
118A318Vacuum control motor - panel door
2-Panel airflow
318A318Vacuum control motor - defrost door
4-Panel door (full vacuum position)
5-Defrost door (full vacuum position)
6-Defrost airflow
7-Side window demister airflow
8-Temperature blend door (full heat position)
919860Evaporator core (part of 19850)
10-Air inlet door (full vacuum position)
11-Outside air inlet
1218A318Vacuum control motor - air inlet door
13-Recirculated air inlet
1419805Blower motor
1518495Heater control valve (full vacuum position)
16-Vacuum source
17-A/C vacuum check valve
1819A566Vacuum reservoir
1919B888Function selector switch
20-Heater control valve vacuum switch
2118476Heater core
22-Floor door (full vacuum position)
23-Floor airflow
2418A318Vacuum control motor - floor door

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